Pete Rock - Cosmic Slop (Petestrumentals 2)

Mello Music Group has in a very short time established themselves as the hitmakers of the day for independent conscious Hip Hop.  Much of this has to do with the label founders and their philosophy of paying a living regular wage to their artists instead of soon-to-be-blown advances (which must be repaid against earnings).  Using this philosophy of remuneration they have managed to dominate a string of spring releases from Drew Dave's Synthbased to Red Pill's Look What The World Did To Us. Signing the indomitable Open Mike Eagle to a two record deal beginning with the most intelligent Hip Hop release of 2014 Dark Comedy.  Meanwhile, former Little Brother progenitor, Rapper Big Pooh released Words Paint Pictures echoing the conscious midwest sound of his brethren including legendary albums such as Elzhi's (Black Milk produced The Preface from 2008).

But finding a home for one of the Big Four of sample based producers like Pete Rock for his Petestrumentals 2 (due June 23) was a true coup d'etat.  Petestrumentals 2 is actually the third installment of Pete's Beat Generation series which he updated to respond in kind to Jay Dee's (aka J Dilla's) landmark Welcome to Detroit album. 


Calexico - Le Trianon, Paris (05.26.15)

Calexico w. The Barr Brothers
Le Trianon, Paris (04.26.15)

Falling From The Sky
Across The Wire
Cumbia de Donde *
Miles From The Sea
When The Angels Played
Minas de Cobre
Inspiracion *
Tapping On The Line
Moon Never Rises
Beneath The City of Dreams
World Coming Undone
Let It Slip Away
Alone Again Or

Bullets & Rocks
Con Toda Palabra *#
The One I Love
Guero Canelo
Follow The River

* w. Amparo Sanchez
# w. Sara Page, Andrew Barr


Rapper Big Pooh - Augmentation

Augmentation is the lead cut off former Little Brother member Rapper Big Pooh's new Words Paint Pictures EP .  Augmentation is produced by Apollo Brown whose 38 did well for the Mello Music Label and whose thumbprint, like braintrust Oddissee, can be felt all over the labels various releases.

Words Paint Pictures definitely has the Mid West and Detroit sound that Little Brother and Pooh are known for.  The album has that brainy feel of Elzhi and has the heft of his seminal album The Preface.

At points its a fairly dense political statement:

Cointelpro, they infiltrated the crew
Then throw us in a jail operated like a zoo 
I'm just reminding you of things we already knew 
From that project concrete, a rose grew
But we only we the weeds in our view

Courtney Barnett Dead Fox live @ SXSW (lyrics)

Jen insists that we buy organic vegetables
And I must admit that I was a little skeptical at first
A little pesticide can't hurt
Never having too much money, I get the cheap stuff at the supermarket
But they're all pumped up with the shit
A friend told me that they stick nicotine in the apples

If you can't see me, I can't see you

Heading down the Highway Hume
Somewhere at the end of June
Taxidermied kangaroos are lifted on the shoulders
A possum Jackson Polluck is painted in the tar
Sometimes I think a single sneeze could be the end of us
My hay-fever is turning up, just swerved into a passing truck
Big business overtaking
Without indicating
He passes on the right, been driving through the night
To bring us the best price

If you can't see me, I can't see you

More people die on the road than they do in the ocean
Maybe we should mull over culling cars instead of sharks
Or just lock them up in parks where we can go and view them
There's a bypass over Holbrook now
Paid for with burgers no doubt
I've lost count of all the cows
There'll be no salad sandwiches
The law of averages says we'll stop in the next town
Where petrol price is down...
What do I know anyhow?

If you can't see me, I can't see you



Prince & 3rd Eye Girl Detroit setlist (Fox Theater, 04.09.15)


Prince & 3rd Eye Girl
w. Judith Hill opener
Fox Theater
Detroit, MI

Let's Go Crazy
Take Me With You
Raspberry Beret
U Got The Look
Musicology>Mama Feelgood
When Doves Cry
Sign O' The Times
Hot Thing

Sampler Set:
Pop Life>
Nasty Girl>
I Would Die 4 U

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough >Cool
Thank You (Falletin' Me Be Mice Elf Again)
Play That Funky Music 
How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore
Little Red Corvette
Nothing Compares 2 U

First Encore:

Thankful and Thoughtful
Green Garden
She's Always In My Hair
Purple Rain

Second Encore:

Act Of God
What Have You Done For Me Lately
(Theme song) Which Way Is Up?
Dancing Machine
Party Man
It's Alright

Third Encore (Sampler Set 2):

Sign O' The Times>
Pop Life>
The Beautiful Ones>
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World>
Diamonds and Pearls>
Alphabet Street>
Darling Nikki tease
Forever In My Life
X's Face snippit
Love Bizarre
The Love We Make

(Shut It Down played over PA for audience exit)

*Clouds was the only song performed from either Age Of Electric or Plectrum Electrum (the album he recorded exclusively with 3rd Eye Girl).
#Prince bass solo

Soundboard download (high quality) of this show


Ravensong - Chris 'Shuggie' Brown feat. Crystal Lameman

"All alone you might/ Hear it."

One of our national treasures is future Order of Canada recipient Hugh Christopher Brown.  In truth it's just Chris Brown from the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner, former Barenaked Ladies and Tragically Hip sideman, as of late he's expanded the H. Chris Brown to a full nom de plum that distinguishes him from resolutely from the Rhianna beating hip hop star.

Ravensong is written in support of Beaver Lake Cree legal land claims.  Through sharp editing and interpretations of the native geography in the Cree tongue Chris has created a lasting statement. Reached for comment about this beautiful offering addressing the Tar Sands quagmire that Canadians seem not to have a strong mind about he had this to say:

"Indigenous Consciousness is the game changer. It is our principal defense against the proposed petrol-security state, and the principal reason for bill C51. I just asked a question of Crystal- what are the tarsands?