Action Bronson & Party Supplies (Blue Chips 2 download)

Action Bronson is a white rapper.  You don't need to see his mug or listen to his voice to know this.  If you listen to that deep down voice (of yours inside) you realize that like skydiving and rock climbing no self-respecting black man would subject themselves to a name like Action Bronson.  It's a white rapper name like Aesop Rock or El-P, only Bronsolino doesn't sound anything like the brainy Aesop or the producer rapping of El Producto.  Action Bronson sounds like a black man, one black man in particular- Ghostface Killah. They both have the same strangled dusky tone which admittedly would be impossible to fake.  His flow, cadence and delivery it should be said also borrows heavily from Pretty Tony.  Fortunately he also shares something of Killah's lunacy and flair for self re-invention.

Blue Chips 2 is the mixtape sequel to a mixtape you will likely never listen to nor have cause to- like Best of the Best 2.  Blue Chips 1 was released ages ago (March 12, 2012).  Born Arian Asllani, the Albanian cum Queen's NY former chef's schtick might be thin gruel over time but the partnership with production duo Party Supplies seems to bring out his best profile.  Standouts like lead track Silverado and Jackson & Travolta showcase the producer's and MC's chops alike.  The tape is peppered throughout with tight samples ranging from Peter Gabriel (Sledgehammer), Phil Collins (Pseudio), Tracy Chapman (Give Me One Reason) and Elton John's Island Girl.  Party Supplies (DJ Justin Nealis) deploys six of the 80's radio staples on the aptly titled Contemporary Man.  Nealis is responsible for one of Danny Brown's most memorable tunes Grown Up. On Amadu Diablo he flips the acoustic guitar intro of Chapman's Reason to brilliant effect.  Elsewhere the Pharcyde's Passin' Me By provides the hook for one of the slow rollers (Through The Eyes Of A G) which periodically lets the gusty proceedings breath.

Bronson's known for collaborating with predominantly sample-based producers like Harry Fraud (Saaab Stories EP released June 11, 2013), Statik Selektah (debut Well Done - and the mafiosa draped Rare Chandeliers with The Alchemist.  [One of his best featured collaboration's is on two cuts - Elimination Chamber and Daily News- from Domo Genesis and Alchemist's own collabo No Idols].  It's this collaboration with Nealis though that provides Bronson with the best plate to serve up his bizarro bravado. 


Guilty Simpson (High Way Robbery w. Small Professor/ Swan & Simpson w. Rasco)

Always busy, always on the run, Guilty Simpson charges through a series of new collaborations on two new releases Highway Robbery produced by Small Professor (a concept album set in post-Apocalyptic Detroit but not the Robocop Detroit) and the Swan & Simpson EP (a strong collab with Cali Agents MC Rasco)

Simpson is handily one of the strongest MC's out of Detroit in the last decade.  While Danny Brown has gotten oversaturated attention for his molly-poppin'-clit-lickin' antics Guilty has steadily merced away at increasingly satisfying releases.  Random Axe, his supposed supergroup with Sean Price and Black Milk producing sounded like more fun in the studio than it was to listen to.  On these two releases it's not like Guilty's really progressed as a lyricist, his hallmark is his his street Solomon burly bravado.  But it's not like you want Guilty to change all that much here it's nice that he's got production, DJ and MC collaborators that make his smack-the-white-off-rice delivery fresh.

I'm The City (w. Boldy James and Statik Selektah on cuts) is definitely worth a listen as is On The Run.

Rasco makes a great foil for Simpson with both playing strength off of strength.  It's nice to hear a couple of silverbacks make sweet music and seem to enjoy themselves for a change.  Give History a shot: