Zeus covers Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline (download)

The Toronto based rock quartet Zeus have defined such a distinctive sound for themselves that even the notion of them performing a cover seems somewhat beyond their fiercely self-produced ethic.  Still what's a band with their own studio, still flogging the deluxe edition of their singular Busting Visions LP, to do between European tours then put out an album of covers (the Covers EP is available April 2 exclusively through GalleryAC.com).

While they've played the Gabriel era Genesis cover That's All as a staple of their live show from their earliest performances this is an engaging development for a fiercely independent band whose influences are as hard to peg as their distinctive sound.

Following the spirited choice to cover Big Star's Ballad of El Goodo as part of a Q107 DisCOVERy series, a number of the new covers leave longtime fans wont for more.  As a teaser to the full release they've posted a downloadable version of their cover of Stone Temple Pilots Vasoline.

Zeus Covers EP tracklist

Who Is It? (Michael Jackson)
Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots)
The Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star)
Ignition (Remix) (R. Kelly)
That's All (Genesis)
Without a Map (Sam Roberts Band)
Fight Test (Flaming Lips)


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Toronto guitarist Donna Grantis new guitarist for Prince

Prince is handily the most vociferous enforcer of his own copyright as well as a pioneer of developing new (and at times) excruciating techniques for exacting tithes from his loyal followers.  His recent release post-Grammys of a new video Screwdriver  drew buzz and matching snickers at the $1.77 price tag charged to view the new video.  Prince appeared with his new all-female ensemble, apparently called 3rd Eye Girl, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (3/1/13) performing Screwdriver and even let Grantis take the solo.
Toronto native Donna Grantis studied jazz at Montreal's McGill university before embarking on a formidable career as a session musician.  Her own personal aesthetic in her previous ensembles such as The Donna Grantis Electric Band (a psychedelic fusion trio with drummer Roger Travassos and bassist Steve Zsirai, the group’s debut album, titled Suites, is available worldwide through iTunes and donnagrantis.com) has leaned towards an open improvisational spirit:

“creating music in the moment, reacting to each other on stage, exploring musical themes for extended lengths of time, and utilizing effects pedals to broaden the tonal pallet of the music. The creative intention is to be free and continuously challenge each other on stage. Hopefully in doing so, we can create an experience for listeners and take the audience on a musically engaging journey.”

She lists her inspirations ranging from Bill Frisell to Billy Cobham, Jeff Beck to Jimi Hendrix.  Given her visual appeal and rock solid chops she's an obvious match to come on board the New New Power Generation.