Sisters Euclid (12.01.11) Orbit Room setlist

After a long standing residency (a desirable dvd 11 yrs. of Mondays catches the group at their apex) at Toronto's Orbit Room, the band has had a personnel change in the form of Hammond B3 impresaria Rob Gusevs leaving amicably for broader pastures and Mark Lalama joining the seasoned throng.  With all compositions for the Sisters Euclid written by Kevin Breit, and with the undoubted rudder that his post-country-bop-skronk playing provides, the Sisters are nonetheless a democratic band.   Bassist Ian DeSouza (now a member of Blue Note recording ensemble The Supergenerous Duo, now Trio, with Kevin and percussionist phenom ) ably interjects, rectifies, rock steadies, and rock bottoms everything that Kevin scatters off in the stratosphere. Likewise Gary Taylor invents and reinvents phrases and backbeats to keep the beast slounching forward. Lalama has ably found his place and mark, his interludes on his accordion (whether reading from E. Annie Proulx's Accordion Crimes at times) or whatever he can coax out of his Nord electro or the inhouse organ. 

On the first day of Christmas, two years since they passed the threshold of The Orbit Room their audience found them both very much the same and still pressing the envelope they sent postage paid.

Though the Sisters never write a setlist and hatching one together after the fact is troublesome at best an onstage copy with each members contributions essentially guided the night- a few passed over, a few amplified beyond recognition.

Sisters Euclid
Orbit Room
Toronto, ON
Dec. 1, 2011


Emily Gunfighter
Big Al
Giant Steps
Helpless/ Southern Man


Martin Scorcese
Mission Bell Blues
Donna Lee
2 Miles of Bad Road


Tumbleweed Tea
Faith Cola


Frank and Earnest
Fellini Singalong
Teen Town