Bill Murray @ Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead final concert

Bill Murray and Phil Lesh

Amongst the many celebrities and fans alike that attended the Grateful Dead core four's last show at Soldier Field (July 5, 2015) Bill Murray has to be the coolest.  Murray who lives in Chicago was spotted on the floor and thankfully captured on camera by the sublime Jenny Lewis (whose Instagram account has some great short short videos of her experience of the concert).

Murray seems to have spent a lot of his time with Lewis (understandably) whose phenomenal album The Voyager is steeped in personal pyschedelic references.

Other notables backstage for the concerts (according to Relix) included: 

David Axelrod, Al Franken, Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction was onced described by Garcia as his favourite current band), self-avowed Deadhead George RR Martin, Lee Ranaldo, Liz Phair, Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan, Colts owner Jim Irsay and members of Wilco, The National and The Avett Brothers.  Also Phish' Mike Gordon and Page McConnell and members of various forgettable jambands (moe., the Disco Biscuits and Lettuce).

Oh and Chloe Sevigny and Katy Perry were there too.


Mbongwana Star - From Kinshasa

Mbongwana Star's From Kinshasa is a new album of Congolese music that bears little resemblance to more traditional styles.  Given this tossing away of or subversion of convention the group bears something in common with Konono no. 1 beyond both being literally from Kinshasa in the Democratic Rebublic of Congo.  Both groups retain some traditional instrumentation, for Konono it's the thumb piano and for Mbongwana Star it's the souskous guitars.  The tracks on Kinshasa have a warp and pull all there own pulling in threads of psychedelia, drone, post-punk and noise.  One of the stronger tracks is the album closer 1 Million C'est Quoi but their one-track collaboration with Konono no. 1 Malekayi is just as fine.


Roy Harper - I Hate The White Man (lyrics)

Far across the ocean 
In the land of look and see 
There once was a time 
For you and me 

Where the winds blow sweetly 
And the easy seas flow still 
And where the barefoot dream of life 
Can laugh and cry its fill 

Where slot machine confusions 
And the plastic universe 
Are objects of amusement 
In the fiction of their curse 

And where the crazy whiteman 
And his teargas happiness 
Lies dead and long since buried 
By his own fantastic mess 

For I hate the whiteman 
And his plastic excuse 
For I hate the whiteman 
And the man who turned him loose... 

And the reins of coloured thunder 
Of the stallion of the dawn 
Ride the coalfire morning 
On the beach where all is born 

Where the emperor of meaning 
Is burning up his forts 
And sits to warm his toes around 
A fire made up of useless thoughts 

And when the children tempt him 
With the riddles of their trance 
He flings the flames of solstice 
Casting laughs into their dance 

And while a crazy whiteman 
In the desert of his bones 
Lies as bleached as the paradise 
He likes to think he owns 

And I hate the whiteman 
In his evergreen excuse 
Oh I hate the whiteman 
And the man who turned him loose... 

And far across the reaches 
Of the drifting yellow sands 
The living carpet wilderness 
Forever joins its hands 

With heaven hell's attainment 
In a surging crest of fire 
Where more than all is thrown upon 
The ever lasting pyre 

And through the countless canticles 
Of Jason's charcoal fleece 
Are sung the songs of nothing 
In the timeless masterpiece 

And there stood in the middle 
Guess who? 
It's the everlasting burst 
Built by god's very own whiteman 
As he tries to rule the dust 

And I hate the whiteman 
In his doctrinaire abuse 
Oh I hate the whiteman 
And the man who turned you all loose... 

And the bowels of his city 
Have been locked into a safe 
Where the spew stains on the sidewalks 
Are defenders of his faith 

While back inside his kitchen 
The bowler hatted, long haired saint 
Cleans with soap and water 
But it's really just white paint 

While his golden headed scandal sheets 
Present their daily bite 
To give their righteous news-bleeders 
Drugs to keep them white 

While outside in the whitewash 
Where the guns are always, always right 
A shooting star has summoned 
Its dark angel from his night 

And I hate the whiteman 
And his evergreen excuse 
Oh I hate the whiteman 
And the man who turned you all loose 
And the man who turned him loose...


Prince & 3rd Eye Girl soundboard download (Fox Theater, Detroit)

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl
Hit n Run tour
Fox Theater, Detroit

Hitfile download

Mirror download

FLAC download

(* It is quite possible- given Prince's extreme litigiousness regarding unauthorized use of his music or copyright- that this is an 'official' unofficial soundboard release.)
01 – Intro
02 – Let’s Go Crazy
03 – Take Me With U
04 – Raspberry Beret
05 – U Got the Look
06 – Musicology – Mama Feelgood
07 – When Doves Cry
08 – Sign O’ the Times
09 – Hot Thing
10 – Nasty Girl
11 – Housequake
12 – I Would Die 4 U
13 – Cool – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
14 – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
15 – Play That Funky Music
16 – Controversy
17 – 1999
18 – How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore
19 – Little Red Corvette
20 – Nothing Compares 2 U
21 – Kiss
01 – Clouds
02 – Yes We Can Can – Thankful N’ Thoughtful – You’re The One – Green Garden
03 – She’s Always in My Hair
04 – Purple Rain
05 – Act of God
06 – What Have You Done for Me Lately – Northside – Theme Song From Which Way Is Up – Partyman – Dancing Machine
07 – Diamonds and Pearls
08 – The Beautiful Ones
09 – Darling Nikki
10 – If I Was Your Girlfriend
11 – Forever in My Life
12 – Alphabet St.
13 – The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
14 – A Love Bizarre
15 – The X’s Face
16 – U Know
17 – Pop Life
18 – 777-9311
19 – The Love We Make


Prince & 3rd Eye Girl setlist (Sony Performing Arts Centre, Toronto, ON) 05.19.15 8:00 pm

Prince & 3rd Eye Girl
Sony Performing Arts Centre
Toronto, Ontario
8:00 pm show

Rock and Roll Love Affair
Pretzelbodylogic > Hannah Welton drum solo
Dreamer >  psych blues guitar passage
> Whole Lotta Love @
Let's Go Crazy (Reloaded) > Frankenstein !

Enc. 1.

Love Me Tender +  (Prince solo piano)
The Beautiful Ones
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)

Enc. 2.

Take Me With U / Raspberry Beret / Cream
U Got The Look
When Doves Cry
Sign O' The Times (full live rendition) *
Pop Life> Darling Nikki> Forever In My Life >
Most Beautiful Girl In The World >
Alphabet St.
(sampled partially)

Enc. 3

I Would Die 4 U
Purple Rain *#
Kiss *

Enc. 4.

The Love We Make
Nothing Compares 2 U ^

@ Led Zeppelin cover
! Edgar Winter Group cover
+ Elvis Presley cover (written by Ken Darby as 'Vera Watson' and Presley)
* w. Shelby J. and two back up singers
# w. Donna Grantis guitar solo, Prince on keys
^ sung in is entirety solo (w/o Shelby J.)

Read why Prince really cancelled his last two Hit n Run shows in Toronto at Massey Hall and why the media covered it up.

Compare to recent Hit n Run setlists (04.09.15 Fox Theater, Detroit) or other recent Prince Toronto setlists (11.25.11 Welcome 2 Canada, Air Canada Centre);
(11.26.11 Welcome 2 Canada, Air Canada Centre)